Anonymous asked:

♪ ♫Secret Cupid is my name Some think I'm cuckoo My secret's not too secret, though 'Cause love's what I do do You can love most anyone It's happy and it's free Go ahead and try it With the next one that you see♪ ♫

Oh you Sugar, oh you :)

bunnycalum asked:

I've noticed quite a lot of stores barely have any Littlest Pet Shop merch and it really makes me sad. All they have in stock are like maybe, a few of the new ones and then a couple big building things and that's literally it. I really wanna know why this is happening. My thoughts are that maybe people aren't enjoying the products as much or something idk. Why do you think they're dying out?

If you don’t live in the United States - don’t be surprised. Hasbro pays little attention to the merchandise in other countries. I’m from Russia, so I know actual information: very hard to find really cool things.  It’s sad, but it is reality. :(

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